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We are the publisher you need, we want to help you!
Our goal is to make sure your game earns more money.

We will optimize your sales with all means available and known to us.
We will sell your game in all possible stores.

We will make a full professional evaluation of your game and tell you how to make it more successful and fun at a small development cost.

We just don't give up. Ever.

Grab promocode
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Why us?
..'cause we're pretty!
We are not greedy
We will take only a small portion of your royalties. You won't likely find such warm terms elsewhere!

Aiding your development
Every partner of ours receives an aid from an experienced producer!
10 years of experience on Steam
We saw Steam's every rise and fall, we know all its loopholes, we have Valve's contacts, we know where to get more impressions, and how to use the alternate instruments of marketing.
100% to 800% of sales increase!
Yup. This is what you will get and this what our experience tells us. Sounds unbelievable, but you'd surprised to know how much still can be done beyond traditional marketing efforts.
We are open-minded
We are willing and ready to consider all games you send us, whether they are already released or not.
Powerfull support
Every project we sign will join our large family. We will be agressively directing all the traffic we can get to it - not only from media and Steam, but also from an extensive use of cross promotion!
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or we will contact YOU!