Skelethrone: The Prey
This game is a challenging 2D action platformer with RPG elements inspired by games like Castlevania and Dark Souls. Skelethrone: The Prey is a free prequel to the main game, setting the stage for the events that will unfold throughout Skelethrone: The Chronicles of Ericona campaign.
The story takes place a few decades before the events of the game's main campaign. Assume the role of Derek Ericona, a lord who escaped the persecution is now trying to get to the borders of the neighboring kingdom to resist the tyranny of Queen Aurora, but he is being chased and faces an uphill battle. Prepare all your skills to overcome all the obstacles and difficulties prepared for our hero. And now the hunt is on!
You're in for a great adventure inspired by games like Castlevania and Dark Souls. Bloodthirsty monsters, divine creatures and epic boss battles. The game's story is shaped by choices that will define your journey.
Unlock unique upgrades for movement and combat to expand the world. Maintaining the game's progression requires you to use different relics, items and abilities.
Challenging bosses
Test your skills against multiple bosses and other creatures from the Dark Ages. The game will constantly test your patience as you face challenging battles that require their own unique approach..
The game features a huge world represented by a variety of hand-crafted levels. From fog-shrouded ruins, where undead corpses cling to any living being passing by, and shambling figures emerge. To the Sun-city that hides in the labyrinthine of an ancient tomb where an unspeakable evil lingers, long forgotten by mankind.
Non-linear exploration
Play through levels and bosses, discover side areas with more secrets and enemies to defeat.
Weapons and Equipment
Your character can be armed with bows, scythes, longswords, whips, pistols, rifles, and many more traditional weapons. More exotic weapons will also be available to you, so use any means to achieve success.
Multiple Endings
Make key decisions along the way to determine Ericona's fate as you progress through the story.
Combat galore
You must use an ever-expanding arsenal of weapons and equipment to repel a wide variety of enemies. Put your courage, skills, and resolve on display for them.