Mondealy is about you building relationships and exploring the world. An ordinary guy from an ordinary town on an ordinary day uncovers the secrets of an extraordinary underground kingdom located under his home. Your adventure begins!
Assume the role of Michael, an ordinary guy who discovered the underground pathway leading into Dargratt - the unexplored underground kingdom. Michael meets the royal family through an odd set of events and coincidences, and now it is up to them to decide what is going to happen with him next…
Meet, explore, unravel, discover, and investigate!
  • Meet flamboyant and deep characters
    Inhabitants of both worlds, the one above and the one beneath, who are eager to share their stories and vision with you. While they may ask you for help, it is up to you whether you are willing to help them or not.
  • Investigate the side events and stories
    Help return a stolen guitar from the auction? Find your lost watch in a huge water settlement? Avoid the big bad guard? Or perhaps just collect all the figurines around the world? This and many more stories await you in the world of Mondealy, your actions will play a key role in influencing the events in the underground kingdom.
  • Explore both the game's worlds
    the underground city and nearby districts, the castle with its inhabitants, the mysterious home town on the surface as well as the characters' residences await exploration. Things might look ordinary, but how ordinary are they, and what lies beneath?
  • Districts Reputation and Skill Leveling
    Tell me of your friends and I will tell you who you are - is a saying commonly used in the world of Mondealy. Keep track of your reputation, you will learn new skills and upgrade the existing ones while exploring the world and completing tasks for various groups and characters.
  • Explore all four areas of the underground city
    The residents do not get along very well, they think, act, and behave very differently, their mentality and even their clothing are different. You must be aware that taking the side of one district will effectively shift the attitude of your neighbors toward you in one direction or another. As a result, you will start looking for other solutions to seemingly simple issues.
  • In-game gallery
    The in-game character gallery will allow the most dedicated and curious players to learn more about the characters you can meet while playing Mondealy. Discover how they were created, their history in-game, and the inspiration behind them.